Estate Planning

The process of estate planning can be confusing, stressful, and complicated. It requires a great deal more preparation and documentation than simply preparing a will. The team at Innello & Company will help you develop a successful estate plan which addresses multiple areas of the law and properly integrates them with the dynamics and needs of the family.

The staff at Innello & Company have extensive experience in both law and accounting, affording them and our clients the advantage of both backgrounds. This unique professional experience provides clients with a comprehensive estate planning strategy which addresses the various tax, probate, and dispositive planning issues inherent in every estate plan.

At Innello & Co., we recognize that each estate plan must be as individualized as the person and family for whom it is written. Our team will advise and assist with estate matters including:

Wealth Succession Planning

When it comes time to decide where your assets will go, there are many factors to consider. Innello & Company will assess your wealth succession plan from several different angles, including taxation, administration, and distribution issues. Our Firm’s typical estate plan generally includes the following documents: (i) Wills; (ii) Trusts (either revocable or irrevocable); (iii) Durable Powers of Attorney; (iv) Health Care Proxies; and (v) Living Wills.

Estate and Gift Taxes

Innello & Co. provides recommendations and assistance with the issues surrounding wealth transfer. Our services can include a structured gifting plan utilizing the annual gift tax exemption or the utilization of an individual's unified credit. We carefully analyze the income tax, gift and estate tax implications of various wealth transfer transactions and provide you with the best possible solution.

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